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Chris Middleton Leeds United's Social Stream

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    Chris Middleton Leeds - The secret behind the success

    Chris Middleton from Leeds United Kingdom shares his secret to success in United Arab Emirates.

    If one is interested in Dubai real estate and knows the ups and downs of Dubai real estate sector, than surely he/she will know Chris Middleton Leeds for sure. For those who are not familiar to this name, Chris Middleton is among the leading real estate agent in Dubai. Belonging originally from Leeds Britain, Chris Middleton started off his career in Leeds where he was working as an marketing agent for an international firm. Due to his great skills and interest in real estate sector, he was very soon sent to Dubai, as a head of marketing team responsible for marketing and business development in Dubai.

    As a newcomer in Dubai’s real estate market Chris performed exceptionally well understanding the market trends of this customer oriented market. He understands the needs and requirements of customers resulting in fulfilling the demands of customers. After working for years with that company, at last in 2008 Chris decided to starts his own real estate company in Dubai. This was the foundation of a trend setting company in Dubai’s real estate. The basic reason behind opening of his own real estate company was to give optimum services to customer’s at the most affordable prices and this is what the company has done since its establishment.

    With all the experience and knowledge behind him, Chris started to firm his company’s footing in vibrant market of Dubai competing with many international and local agencies. One thing that differentiates Chris from rest of all real estate agents is his devotion and dedication towards his profession and the level of comfort and service provided by him to his customers. Understanding the needs and requirements of customers enables him to deal all different kinds of customers skillfully and managing them expertly.

    In an interview Chris admitted that the company was opened with the sole aim of revolutionizing the concept of real estate dealing in Middle East. Furthermore describing his experiences he said that he has gained a great deal of experience in Middle East as well as in Leeds which enables him to relate these two diverse real estates in a single thread making a unique combination of eastern and western real estates.

    For providing phenomenal services to customers, a dedicated and expert team is necessary for this very reason, Chris has gathered best individuals one at a time making a team of dedicated professional willing to provide solutions to every real estate problem. Giving the importance of having a dedicated professional team, Chris gives stress on the way of treatment with team members. Each and every member of his team is given all the facilities including home insurance, life insurance, medical and other necessities so that they can work with full dedication.

    This is something that Chris has learned from his experience at Leeds United as he self explains that he had learned great deal from his Leeds experience specially the behavior and treatment of team members which is very crucial for the success of any company. This is one of the things that can’t be found in any other real estate company in Dubai other than Chris Middleton Leeds.

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